Have to give a presentation and you are concerned on how you will get through it?  We can help you handling the butterflies and focus on making sure you message is clear and well received. 
Already been through one of our courses and feel the need to refresh your media skills?  Give us a call and we can polish you up.
Satellite Media Tours (SMT) are another way for your message to reach a wide variety of people in many different areas at one time.  We can help you be comfortable in front of and speak directly to the camera, learn how to take direction from your production team and to tailor your message so it can be clearly heard. We are also available to be your support system during the SMT so you can focus on your goals.  Give us a call for more information.

Internet videos are everywhere and the good ones are hard to find.  AirTyme has taken their techniques and skills to assist you make a video that gets your message across.